Wednesday 15 May 2024

To Do Tuesday #74 - Getting back on track

My last recorded goals were:
 - continue to knit up the sock
- continue with the backfilling of the wholecloth
- maybe piece another fox which is already cut out and ready to go.

Now this is a while ago...things really got out of whack due to our kitchen renovation which has been dragging on and on. However, we are able to cook again (big plus!!) and there is an end in sight (or so one hopes).

I did finish my socks in all this mess and managed to continue on the wholecloth in starts and stops, however have not done any work on the fox blocks. 

This week then I had to focus in on the charity quilts which are required by the Orange Tree Quilter's group for next week. Thankfully I had my spot back where I usually baste my quilts and could make a start. Over the last two days I finished two charity quilts.

This one...
Very bright and vibrant. Finished that one with just an overall meander.

and then there was this one...

Much more my colours! Loved the indigenous fabric used in this quilt and was fairly bored with just meandering so I tried just wavy lines. Have wanted to do this for a while using some of my rulers. As this is for the charity group I had to keep the scale fairly large (the group does not want the quilts too heavily quilted). I think if I did this for myself I would reduce the distance between the lines by a good one inch. 
I used these two rulers
A Handiquilter Wave C ruler on the left and Amanda Murphy's largest wave ruler. While I could have done this freehand I did want a bit more structure to this and wanted my lines to look randomly consistent. Probably the most relaxing quilting session that I have done in a while. I started from the middle out not following any particular method, literally just going for it. I did pay a little bit of attention to the spacing but that was about it. The piecing of the blocks provided me reference lines, i.e. some place where I could orient my rulers on, however if that was a bit out at times it really did not matter whatsoever as I was mostly straight. Very enjoyable to do and fairly quick to execute. looks great and suits this little quilt.

For the coming week I am thinking of:
- attaching a binding to the first charity quilt so that they are ready to go
- continue on my wholecloth background quilting. Have two more sides to fill in and that's it. then it is washing, squaring off and binding.
- prepare my online entry for the quilt show
- unlikely, but maybe finish one more fox block.

Linking up to To Do Tuesday #74 over at Quilt Schmilt when their link is up.


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