Wednesday 6 December 2023

To do Tuesday #51

My list was smallish for this week

- try to finish 6 cat blocks and cut out the sashing ready to go.✅
- sew on the hanging sleeve to my background filler project❌
- take some photos of my Christmas quilt. I think I will put that in my Etsy shop for sale even though it is a bit late now...well, there's always next year.✅

The last bit of the cat quilt went quicker as I could see the end. I chain pieced along saying the names of the individual cats as I was sewing along so I would not get confused. Must have been really focussed as I did not mix up their faces 😂

Ran into a bit of trouble as I thought I had oodles of background fabric. Well, as it turned out it was just enough. Had a mild suspicion when I started to cut out the sashings. I have a table which tells me how many pieces I can get out of one strip. for the sashing it was 4, 10-1/2in pieces per strip but as I was starting to cut I noticed that I was only yielding 3 pieces!
I then cut my outside borders as well of which I needed 8, 4in strips so that ate up a lot of fabric. In the end I had to cut some off some length from my border strips to make the sashings go the distance. A few anxious moments there and I thought that in the future I will put my background fabric away with the UFO. As years pass I do forget what I am working on or better said what I have stuffed away somewhere and it is just too easy to cut into your background fabric when you actually need it. Lesson learnt.

Here is the completed quilt top
It turned out so pretty, just like I had envisaged it. The quilt will measure about 57in x 66in. Had to go yesterday to look for some backing and batting and spent half a fortune acquiring it. Washed the backing and now just have to find some spare time to put it all together. Looking forward to quilting this.

Today then I finally put up my Christmas quilt in my Etsy shop. It is a bit late but what can you do. There is always next year.
Its a pretty little quilt. I used wool batting which makes this nicely soft and a little bit puffy. The quilt measures 32-5/8in x 47-1/2in, so a good size for a bit of a fun festive wall hanging to adorn the halls. Glad this is done so that I now can concentrate on other projects. Again, planning is the magic word rather than jumping around all over the place which I have been doing over the last few months. 

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  1. Your kitty quilt turned out fantastic, Karin! Those fabrics you chose for the cats are perfect; they give a realistic impression of fur on cats that I've actually seen in real life. Looking forward to seeing how you'll quilt it!


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