Tuesday, 15 January 2019


'Focus' is the word for this year. And with that, I got stuck into one of my projects from my goal list for the 2019 Finish-A-Long.

This is the first item on my list and will be featured for most of the year. The quilt is a challenge from our local Handiquilter group and will be used to complete FMQ tasks over the year using rulers and freemotion-quilting fillers. I was going to do this quilt top over Christmas, but hey...why press ahead when you can leave it to the last minute!

I am on my way...the quilt top is done
I must say that the points in this basic looking quilt drove me absolutely crazy and I did a somewhat mediocre job, but had I stuffed around with this any longer, I would have not finished this altogether as I have very little patience for piecing.
Curious to see what we will do with this but knowing the person who is running the group, it will be epic.
Planning to pin and baste it next week ready for the first freemotion-quilting task.


Saturday, 12 January 2019

What An Annoyance

I changed my template a couple of weeks ago and left it running for a few weeks to see how I liked it.

Well, that did not work. I chose one of the newer templates for its clean look and design and started cleaning up the blog a bit.  Initially I was not getting any comments which is not unusual as I am a fairly smallish blogger and have been a bit inconsistent of late.

Yesterday though I started looking at that and realised that with the new template I also imported the problem that occurred with comment notification earlier in 2018. I did fix this then, but the new template created exactly the same problem so it needed fixing again. I did eventually get it to work somewhat, however could not test the commenting properly as it would not allow me to leave a comment on my own blog. Nor did it provide for leaving a reply to comments on the blog. Very annoying. The whole commenting only seemed to work if I put 'word verification' on but even then it did not allow me to comment myself.

So, if people did try to leave comments in between and were not able to, I apologise...I did not even realise this until yesterday.

In looking at the new template, I also had some issues with getting into my blog. Very clunky...as great as it looked for the reader, for me it meant another 3 clicks to get to the settings of my blog which I started to find a bit of a hassle. I had to really think about how I use the blog and realised that I use the blog mainly as a resource to record what I am working on, keeping information in one place and socialising in cyber space. Again with the new template that was a bit clunky and I started to put all the buttons and things I needed on the side bar making it all very crowded and probably defeating the purpose of that very clean look. In the end I decided to go back to my old template of which I had kept a back-up copy as I have got all the information on one page without having to muck around looking for it.

Blogger is intensely annoying...I do not understand why they have not fixed the commenting issue. Even with the old template it will now only allow me to comment on my own blog when I use the pop up window set up with word verification. Will investigate this a bit more, but for now, I am hoping that everything is back to normal.


Thursday, 10 January 2019

2019 Finish-A-Long Proposed List Q1

finishalong logo 200px

The Finish-A-Long is on again...you can find the information about the Finish-A- Long on  Leanne's blog She Can Quilt. You will find more detail on how this link up works and also find the list of bloggers who are hosting this great event.

I participated in 2017 and partly in 2018. In 2018 I just lost the plot...the finishes were not the issue, rather a lack of focus and generally being all over the place. So the word for this year is:

My goal list for the first quarter is as follows:

1. The Challenge Quilt (this is a year long project)
This is an ongoing project that is run by our local Handiquilter group involving completing a distinct FMQ task every month. For this purpose we have been asked to construct a quilt by the 18th January when we have our first meeting. I am already running behind (how is this possible?) and am currently in the process of putting the quilt together...lots of chain piecing!
The task for this first quarter is to construct the quilt, layer and baste it and then complete the FMQ for the first three months. I am including this to keep the pressure on to keep up!

2. Another Baby Quilt
Already in the making...cut out all the pieces and am basically ready to go!
Cute little cat fabric from Ann Kelle's Urban Zoologie range. The quilt will be approx. 36in x 42in and will have to be finished by the end of this quarter as the baby will not wait for me.

3. Pastel Baby Quilt
Already done, waiting to be basted and quilted.
This is not a big job as I am going to just meander over it which should not take too long. Mind you, just decided I will piece the backing together, so another hold up coming up!

4. Wholecloth quilt
Have my design ready, just needs to be tidied up...this is a design I drew in Cindy Needham's class during the Australian Machine Quilting Festival. Really would like to get that done. To be realistic though, for this quarter I will cautiously hope that I have cleaned up the design and started marking it on the fabric...that would be great!
5. The Ruler Quilt
Already in production. I made this quilt to try out the rulers that I acquired from the last Handiquilter Ruler of the Month Club(no 3). Will pick up the last 2 rulers on the 18th January and will continue on that. Again, might not finish it, but would be good to have all the squares filled in by then.
6. Scrappy Spiderweb Quilt Quilt
This has been hanging around for ages...my scraps are literally overflowing (I tend to keep anything and everything) and I would like to get this done this year. Not sure what to aim for here as my list is already very long. Let's just say...some evidence that I am actually continuing on this 😀
There is more on my list, but I will stop here because it has to be achievable and I don't want to fall behind, so let's see how we go with all of that.

Linking up to the Proposed Finishes List over at She Can Quilt for the first quarter. The link up for the the first quarter is on 1st April. So watch this space (and others) to see what we can accomplish if we put our minds to it.


Friday, 4 January 2019

More patterns

Managed to put up another one of my patterns to the little Etsy shop.

The Windmill Pattern
This is one of the patterns that did not make the cut in Craftsy's revamp...have about 2 -3 more to go that were taken off, so decided to start uploading them on to Etsy. 

This quilt is 44 3/4in x 52 3/4in and is suited for the confident beginning quilter. I actually had that very bright border fabric for a while and was absolutely clueless for a while what to do with it. For some reason, windmills came to mind and this is how this quilt came about. Still one of my favourite quilts!

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Free Pattern

I am cleaning up my blog!

Started with a new template. Not sure what I think of it yet as I was very used to my other template...had that one for about 5 years.

My Dresden Plate pattern was removed from the Craftsy shop. This was also on my free patterns page, but it appears the link was non-existent.

So, I have put that up under the tab 'Free Patterns' once again. The table runner is 20.5in x 46.5in

So, please grab it if you ever wanted to make one of these two-coloured
plates. I made this a while ago but it was super fun to make and came together easily.

Still have a lot of work to do on the blog in terms of clean up...will have to go through my blog buttons, look at the fonts and also need to rethink my Pages page, but for today it is enough.


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