Friday, 2 March 2012

Moving house

Well, we have managed to move the household. After 12 years in the same house this was fairly traumatic. I did not realise, or rather, did underestimate how much stuff we had to move. It seemed like an endless chore of packing and more packing. Then once this was done the unpacking has been  equally as overwhelming. However there is an end in sight - only have a few more boxes to unpack and then continue to clean up a bit more.

Our cat suffered during the move. She is a stray cat that adopted us about a year ago. Not exactly the trusting kind, however has made her home with us. She actually got quite distressed during the move and at some point I thought she was going to pass out. It was hot, confusing, lots of people and generally she appeared completely disorientated - I actually felt quite sorry for her.

Thought I share this photo of her speedy recovery that was taken the next day.

What is it with cats and quilts?  Obviously completely relaxed and oblivious to her surroundings.

Well, a few more days and I will be able to set my machine up again and re-join the Quilt Along. Can't wait!

Until then



  1. Congratulations on the move - hope it's a good one. How far did you have to go? I've moved so many times, almost always with cats in tow. The moving process seemed to bond us, maybe because they realized I wasn't going to leave them behind. Great work on the quilting and stippling. It's gorgeous!

  2. Hi Wendy...only moved a suburb further out. House is nice but a bit of work to do, however yard is bigger and area is really nice. Also found that there is a bit of a stronger bond with the cat...the vet advised that we have to keep her inside for at least 3 weeks. Another week to go but then I will have to let her out...bit scared that we loose her. I am actually quite attached to this one. We'll just have to trust that the cat knows what's good for her.

  3. I could talk about cats and quilts all day !
    Yesterday, there was a folded quilt on my bed and my cat slept on that tiny square of fabric instead of on the bed... They are always there "helping" :)

    Cats and quilts are made to go together !


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