Monday 23 April 2012

My New Sewing Table

Well, I finally done it...bit the bullet (or more to the point, the purse) and bought a proper sewing table from Horn Sewing furniture. The whole caboodle...table plus extension table (came as a freebie because of Mother 's Day promotion) and also a chair (still waiting for it).

My husband has spent most of Saturday to put it all together. I bought the Outback MkII...

Bit of a comes with an insert which turned out to be the wrong size (why is this always happening to us?), so I will have to go back to the shop today to change that. Also, the table has now ended up in the spare room, smack bang as you walk into the room...originally I was going to put it in the family room thinking that I could fold it up after each sewing session into this inconspicuous little cupboard. While it does fold up (the sides swing in and the back folds down) the extension table is attached to it like this:

It fills in the gap on the left hand corner and is attached with hinges. When the cupboard is folded up it just sits as an extension on the left side. Once it was put together though I realised that in order to open the cupboard for just normal sewing the extension would have to swing in its place in the back, hence you may as well open the whole thing right up which then make it very big (1160mm depth).  So, the family room was out and it had to go in the spare room where all my quilting things live there also is a bed in the room it makes it all a bit squeezy, on the other hand, the sewing set up is brilliant (and this will ultimately become my sewing room in the future, I think). As the extension table was a freebie we have been thinking to maybe just take it off and run with the original idea of having it sit in the family room and only fold out the back flap as I need it...however, now that I have seen the solid space it actually can give me in the back, I am not so sure what is the better option here.

Isn't it funny how hard it is to change your mindset at times. Looking at the cat, she seems to think...whatever! this photo.

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  1. I love it! I actually have 2 sewing cabinets. I use one for my sewing and the other is more for storage. When I have to machine quilt a large quilt, I end up moving my machine to the dining room table. I love the large table supporting the quilt. Your new sewing table may support a large quilt. Enjoy it! I love how Abby just rests through the whole thing!!

  2. Oh wow! Very nice! My vote is toss out the spare bed, and make the extra room your sewing space. I like the extension table! Would come in very handy for FMQ! Whatever you decide, its a nice cabinet!

  3. Welcome to the NEW Quilt Blog Linky Party! Thanks for sharing the button and the back link!
    Enjoy your day!


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