Friday, 8 June 2012

Chicken Patch Quilt

Not much to show for this week so I thought I share my Chicken Patch Quilt with you.

I am still working on my practice quilt ready to trial next week's Circuit Board pattern from Leah Day's Quilt Along Wednesdays. I am just about finished quilting in-the-ditch and as usual I had some issues with it. I swear I am ready to give up quilting in-the-ditch is so annoying. I usually start in an orderly fashion, anchoring the quilt, than quilting all the lines of half of the quilt. I reckon this is when it happens...I then often get into strife quilting the other half. Not sure whether I mix up the directions I am going in but without fail, I have some pulling in one direction. Drives me around the bend. Anyway, I only have two lines left and then I am ready to FMQ on it. After that I will baste my table runner ready for quilting and then continue on my other project....the list goes on.

Excitement Chicken Patch Quilt has finally been published. I sometimes contribute to the quilting magazines over here and this is one quilt I particularly like. They have had it for about 5 months and it just arrived back today. When I went to the letter box the magazine had also arrived. It is published in Creating Country Threads, Vol. 13 No 1. Here is the link to if you want to have a look at all the different magazines over here. Unfortunately there is no photo of my quilt on their preview, so I took some myself this afternoon (excuse the mediocre photographs...I do really struggle with cameras)

Chicken Patch Quilt 57.5 x 66.5 inches

This is the feather design I quilted in every alternate block. I kept it pretty low key as I was not sure whether my initial confidence would last the distance. Don't know about you, but I sometimes 'chicken out' and when it comes to the actual quilting. I go back to quilting in-the-ditch or just revert to an overall stipple. With this one, I was determined to see it through and I am glad I did. It looks great, albeit a bit basic, but I was really happy with it (I used a lightgreen Aurifil thread both in to top as well as the bobbin). In fact, I now think, I should have had some feathers in the border as well - that would have completed the traditional feel of the whole quilt. I just did some parallel lines in the border which frame the quilt. Well, next time...after the Wholecloth quilt I did earlier on Leah Day's Quilt Along Wednesdays I feel much more confident to tackle more complex FMQ designs.

Anyway, as I do not have anything much to show for this week I thought I share this quilt with you.

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