Saturday, 26 January 2013



I have been piecing since Christmas (non-stop) and have 2 items ready for basting...while I was doing that, I nearly stopped half way through to continue to FMQ. Had to be really firm with myself to keep on task. Have another project that needs finishing before I can devote my time to FMQ again. Don't you love those self imposed targets!

Really, two sewing machines would be great, then you could hop in between. Mind you, I would still have the same problem in that I would be drawn to FMQ rather than the piecing. Bit of a dilemma at times.

Anyway, had to have a play and tried McTavishing after watching Leah's video. Not that easy actually in terms of working out where to go next. Love the texture though and am thinking about where I could incorporate this design im my projects.

Back to piecing...

Linking up to Freemotion Quilting Friday on the Freemotion Quilting Project.



  1. Love this! I want to try this soon. Looks hard but yours came out great!

    1. I think I need a bit more practice on this one.

  2. Your McTavishing looks awesome! I know I'm more drawn to FMQ but I sometimes need break to get piecing done :-).

  3. Thanks...need a bit more practice, but getting there. Piecing is taking centre stage for me at the moment, otherwise there is nothing for me to FMQ on.


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