Saturday, 12 April 2014

New House Guest

We have a new house guest amongst our midst who belongs to my daughter. Odd cat who is quite nervous and is still feeling her way around. Yes, but cats and quilts...

Can you see that look...almost saying 'this must be for me to sit on'.

Still trying to figure out what sort of cat this is. She is strangely elongated with very long limbs and quite big and as you can see consists mainly of really thick fur. And what about the hairs in the ears...too funny. My daughter reckons she might be a Norwegian Forest cat but I think she is an American Maine Coon cat. Done some reading on the Internet and it sort of fits...I read that the American Maine Coon cats are fairly vocal and this one certainly fits the bill. Makes the weirdest noises, just about talking to you. Never have heard this before.

Finally found  'Feline Friday' Link up over at Sarah Did It and will join in to see whether someone could shed some light on this.



  1. She's very pretty. My cat is rather small. I'm not very good at figuring out breeds. I'm checking out Feline Friday! I love cats and they seem to go with quilts very nicely!

  2. My guess would be that she is a Maine Coon cat. I have had two Maine Coons in the past, and the ear tufts are the tell-tale. She is a beauty!

  3. All three of of my long hair cats have the tufts of hair in their ears, but they aren't Maine Coon, although my husband really wants one bad. My husband said might just be a tabby but could be a Maine Coon also. Maine Coons get to be very big.

    1. You are a no reply blogger, hence my response here...
      Thanks for the comment...yes, could be a long haired tabby. However this one is still quite young and her physique is different ( rather odd elongated shape). She is a rather large cat and has enormously long limbs. Who knows really...was an interesting search on the net though. I reckon she might be bitses and pieces with maybe some Maine Coon mixed in there


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