Sunday 8 June 2014

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Have been playing around with the new ruler from Accents in Design that arrived in the mail on Monday. So, I am a bit behind everybody...but just had to try it out

Did some grid work, practising some straight lines with the ruler and then filled the squares with some random designs
The ruler works fine, except I had to experiment a bit with what FMQ foot to the end, my Sensormatic FMQ foot was the best as it is fairly broad on the sides, so it glides very nicely against the ruler. The only problem I had was that I do not seem to be able to make nice 90 degree corners with it...maybe that is just practice.

Then I got really I do. I have this book "One Line at a Time" by Charlotte Warr Andersen which is about grid work. She uses both FMQ and quilting with the walking foot. The book contains an array of designs and I was really in the mood to just play a little bit. I have had this book for years and have not actually used any of the designs.

So, this is what I trialled

The book has a few strips of Inchie Ruler Tape, so I used this to guide my sewing. I based the design on a 1inch grid. This was a design that would have been stitched with a walking foot and after having done it using FMQ, I would have to agree that it probably would look sharper if I had used the walking foot. As you can see I could not keep my lines entirely straight. But how cool is this design... you can see I have some 1/2inch lines in there...ignore them, I was going to do something entirely different initially.
Box Kite pattern
While I used the Inchie tape, in the book, the author also shows how to mark the design on the grid with a marker of your choice. I must say, having tried out the Inchie Ruler tape, I am sold. I will need to get me some of this...that was super easy. All I had to do was stick 3 Inchie tape sections on my block, remove the middle one and then stitch the design in the middle following the markings of the ruler tape. Then the process was repeated, row for row, and column for column. Brilliant !

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  1. Great job trying different designs! You tried lots of neat designs. I love the Box Kite Pattern. I'll have to figure that one out!

  2. I like that & you did a really good job!

  3. Brilliant! Love how you incorporated the ruler work with grid-based designs. I'm going to link back to you in this week's post, since you've tried some stuff I haven't. It's awesome to share this stuff together.

    Thanks for linking up!


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