Tuesday, 15 July 2014

WIP: Wholecloth - Almost Done

I cannot believe it...I am almost done! Managed to finish stitching feathers all around the border and like the way that looks. Actually felt that I do not like the inner border that much anymore...but, that's just too bad...maybe I have been looking at it for too long . I reckon I started this some time last year, initially fairly enthusiastic, but had the wind blown out of my sails with that huge area of microstippling. Definitely won't do that again, just too labour intensive (Famous last words).

Started the in-lining of the feathers. I am completely addicted to that look thanks to Patsy Thompson's web site and DVDs. Really like the look of that.

Making the feathers pop

Little bit closer

The Corner

Two more sides to go

Some detail re this quilt:
- the quilt measures about 35" square
- I used wool batting for this project. No particular reason other than that I had the batting at the time. In retrospect I think that a thinner cotton batting would have been nicer and if I had coupled this with some trapunto it would have really made the design elements stand out a bit more. Well, there is always next time.
- I was going to echo around the outside of the feathers in the outside border as well but won't now as some of my corners are closer together than others and an echo would really highlight this. 
- I need to find a new filler...the microstippling was absolutely crazy and took a while to complete.
- I use Aurifil thread Mako 50/2 for all my FMQ. I have been using this thread for the last 2 years and love that subtle sheen of the thread. It sews beautifully, I never have any issues with it and the colours are just gorgeous.
- I use my Springloaded foot (Pfaff 4.2) for quilting feathers. While I now have a new foot with the new machine (Dynamic 6D foot), I must say that I prefer that open toe foot when quilting feathers. I am used to this foot and feel that it gives me the best control of my stitching. Might just be a habit...I am sure that if I had learned feathers on the other foot, it would probably stitch just as well.

Just finishing off the in-lining and then the binding to go and this is actually done.

PS. Another resource to look at is the quilting of Wendy Sheppard over at Ivory Spring (look under
(Freebies, Ideas, Tutorials on the side bar for many tips on how to quilt feathers)

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  1. Can't say how much I love this! The quilting is awesome! Just beautiful! Great work!!

  2. Beautiful....great work on this. Must say that one of my favorite motifs is the feathered swirl in the inner border...love it.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful! The double lining really makes the feathers pop, and the whole quilting is so well thought and planned!

  4. looks great! all that micro stippling has certainly paid off!

  5. It is amazing... Love your beautifully quilted feathers!!! on another note... I started to quilt last week...no...I still haven't got my ordered foot and ankle...but quilting had to be started... And had issues in the beginning... Took a deep breath and looked at your email ...and guess what... I now quilt... Am using Gutermann cotton thread ( had no other), quilt needle 90/14 and 4.6 at tension...have quilted half of my quilt and almost no problems...so hope the other half will go as well!! Will make a blogpost soon all about it!! Thanks Karin!!!

  6. It is beautiful. I like the quilting on the inner border. It sets off the outer feathers.

  7. It is absolutely fabulous! Love the in-lined feathers. Perfect choice. And I agree, Ivory Spring is a great source for quilting feathers! Thanks for linking up.

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  9. Absolutely beautiful quilt, Karin! I love the design you used on the inner border. I think it is a great complement to the feathered outer border. I am working on a project with two borders, both of which I want to have feathers. I don't want them to be the same though and I think the two designs you used are great together! Well done. And your quilting is lovely!
    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Dori...you are a No reply blogger...so, in the hope that you read this...thanks for the comment.


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