Friday, 12 September 2014

Aurifil Thread

Have I shown you my beautiful Aurifil thread yet?

I am building up quite a collection on top of the single ones that I already have. As there is no shop nearby that carries a decent range of the thread, I thought it best to go for a collection of thread so that I did not always have to order single colours in. Going on the website I went through the collections for ages to find something that would make the most sense to me. Given that I am usually working with muted country type colours this box by Sheena Norquay appealed most to me. I reckon I will have no problem using each and every one of those colours.

The two yellows in the front are slightly variegated and I already used the lighter yellow for one of the baby quilts that I made earlier in the year. Of course, it was brilliant.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous...I love this thread!



  1. Best thread I have ever used! definitely not as many machine issues as with linty stuff! Those are lovely! and I LOVE the huge spools!!

  2. I just love autumn colors and I love these!!

  3. I love those colours too, great for this time of year (in Australia).


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