Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Had an incredible 2 weeks...very busy at work and even busier at home. On top of that one of our cats needed surgery and needed more looking after than usual.

Finally I got back to some sewing...inspected the blocks I had done and  was not impressed. Accuracy was sadly missing. Started to doubt my piecing skills somewhat because no matter what I did they just did not end up the square measurement that they should have been. After much deliberation, I finally worked out how to press the seams for the flattest look and also re-cut my dark strips. This time I re-cut the strips on the lengthwise grain....that did the trick. This way they did not distort that much and I was able to get the blocks nice and square. Part of the problem also was that I did cut all the beige squares with the Accuquilt GO Cutter which gave me very accurate squares. However, I also must have placed a batch of the squares the wrong way around on the cutter which gave me a good 1/16 to 1/8" less on one side.

Anyway, spent some time today undoing some of the blocks I had done and putting it all back together. I am now back on track with half the blocks finished. This will be a small quilt...lap size, I reckon.

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