Saturday, 9 July 2016

2016 Finish Along - Third Quarter Goal List

Wow, time is certainly flying...

Here is my list of goals for the third quarter.
Not a lot of new projects on here as I only finished two in the last quarter. But I am least I am making progress!

#1 Mandala Quilt for SA Guild Challenge - This is still in production. Here is the drawing
...and this is how far I got during the second quarter
Still lots to do and I am actually a bit disappointed...did not exactly turn out as great as I had hoped. I think I should have used stronger colours or stuck with my original idea and quilted it with white thread.

 #2 WIP: A Field Guide - acquired the thread I was missing and also got myself some ruler templates to finish this off quicker. Really no excuse left.

 #3 WIP: Oriental Robert Kaufmann Fabric Quilt - No Name Yet!
Has additional border already attached. 'Just' needs basting and quilting.

 #4 WIP: Thousands Pyramids Quilt -  have about a hundred more units to go...

Linking up to Eleven Garden Quilts for the FAL Quarter 3 Link Up



  1. The variety in your work is amazing and inspiring!

  2. Your Mandala quilt looks so lovely to me, you are a wonderful quilter. Good Luck with your 3rd quarter list.

  3. Great list and what a beautiful quilter you are!! On behalf of the FAL team, thanks for sewing along with us!


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