Sunday 21 August 2016

The Ultimate FMQ Challenge 2016 - Linky Party2 - Doodle/Sketching

I have had the most relaxing Friday night in a long time. The new Ultimate Shape Stencils from Cindy Needham arrived at my doorstep and before I knew it, I was doodling away. Just could not stop...
Ultimate Shape Stencil in 4 different sizes
Started first just randomly filling up the spaces of the stencil
Then I remembered that I needed a 4" motif for one of my quilts...something frilly and a bit feathery as I will do a feather border on that quilt.
This is what I came up with
Like it! This was so easy to draw up with the lines running through the stencil. Looking at this I am thinking that I probably seen this somewhere. Such a cute motif.

Then I thought 'why not put a motif into the stencil' being the slightly lazy quilter that I am
The motif is one that I particularly like from an EQ7 add-on program 'Quilting Designs'  No 8...I think it is called Curled Plumes which lends itself to blocks that are set on point.
Here it is a bit reduced with feathers running up and down. The idea is to put this on point and make into an allover Wholecloth. I will make some copies of this and try that out. I think this would look great!

While I was doodling and listening to one of my favourite Craftsy classes, I then got out the Ultimate Square Stencil and combined it with the Ultimate Shape, using only elements from the Ultimate Shape, i.e the little triangular section of the stencil the other way around and also the curves. This is what I came up with.

You see my blue lines which I would omit if I drew this up as a final design. I don't have a transparency that I use with the stencils. For me, marking the lines that I need in blue works best. Then I start drawing over those in pencil first and when I think I got something, I go over it again with the fine permanent black ink pen. This way, the main design stands out and any background quilting, like the lines surrounding the design will be a little bit in the background, similar to what the quilted design would like like. I was absolutely amazed with this...looks very interesting and again, I would not mind doing multiple copies to see what this looks like as an allover Wholecloth design.

This was a lot of fun and I had to force myself to stop...the ideas just kept coming. Those stencils are truly the best. It literally enables you to draw up any design your heart desires...highly recommended.

Linking up to Quiltshopgal's Ultimate FMQ Cahllenge 2016 - Linky Party 2 to show off my designs and to demonstrate how easy designing interesting elements for your quilts can be.



  1. Karin: Now that I see your designs I've got to get Cindy's newest shape stencil too. I agree with you about how addictive the designing is when assisted with the stencils. I love the designs you shared and can't wait to "borrow" your ideas in my doodling. Can't wait to see your quilted pieces:)

  2. Oh my, I love your doodles. Great FMQ design ideas with #CreativeGoodness. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.


  3. I can see you had a lot of fun Karin. Love the designs you have come up with here. I may have to order these stencils.

  4. Fabulous work Karin!!!! VERY impressed with your design work. I just shared your post on my own blog. Hugs, Cindy

  5. Karin: I love your doodles. Great job.

  6. Interesting post - it's great to see what you've done with the stencils.

  7. Beautiful designs Karin! I have the stencils also!

  8. Such beautiful designs - so inspiring!


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