Saturday, 27 May 2017

Compaction Issues

Still stitching away on my Wholecloth...

Thought I show you a picture of the compaction that occurred having stitched the broad structures first and then working my way back into the middle to do the background quilting
This was taken in front of the window on a fairly sunny day, hence the shadows. Even I got a bit nervous about the amount of compaction that I had and wondered whether this would actually be able to be quilted down.

Too late to do anything about it other than giving it a shot...

 You would not have thought that this could be flattened, but it did! Amazing...all I have left is to fill in the grid and go over the feathers again, doing some in-lining. Not sure actually whether I still like this piece, but so be it...just needs to be finished now. This looked so easy when I started, but probably one of the more challenging projects I have done in a while.



  1. I really like this project and think the textures add to the overall design. I suspect you have just been looking at it too long and subconsciously you are already thinking about another project. Be proud. You did a great job. And I hope you'll enter it in a show (or more than one show would even be better), as it will surely inspire others.


  2. Wow great job. So impressive.....just love it!

  3. As always I stand or rather sit in awe. When ever I get a compacted bit I seem to struggle not pucker the fabric. Love it all but particularily the little curly border round the square!

  4. It's amazing! how do you make those tiny little circles on the inner border?!

  5. I think it is fabulous, Karin!!

  6. WOW! This is fantastic. I bet it will inspire many who see it at the festival.


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