Monday, 25 September 2017

Handiquilter Ruler Of The Month Club - The Skinny Ruler

Picked up the next ruler - the 2x10" Skinny Ruler

If you are wondering what this Ruler of the Month Club is all about, head over to the Handiquilter site and have a look. They have a video for the rulers as they come out each month. Over here in Australia we are a bit behind as we started about a month later.

So, I tried the skinny ruler
Did not find it that easy to use as it is a bit longer than other rulers I tried and if you do not hold it correctly, i.e. move your grip as you go along, it will slip.

The grid gave me the biggest issue...for the life of me I cannot do a grid with a ruler! Kept getting the spacing wrong and for a 1/2in grid any sloppiness in alignment shows severely after a while. So in the end I drew it in and followed the lines with the ruler.
Diamond in a square was easy to do...might just have to get the spacing a bit better.
Enjoyed this one! Just lines spaced 1/4in apart. That was quite manageable and after a while I also managed to stitch along the seam with some consistency with the ruler to get to the next space. So yes, it was getting easier.
More lines and a bit of filling in. That was quite fun to do.

And in the end I did the Paradox on a scrap fabric piece, as I could not get it together on the quilt square as I could not turn the quilt all the time. Definitely more practice needed
What you think of my stitching? I think I am getting more used to the is all getting a bit easier.

Next ruler is one with lots of little circles...that is going to be interesting.



  1. I've tried using different rulers without marking but I end up marking in the end. I'm assured it will come out even. Wish I could do it without the marking! Your Paradox looks great. I think your stitching has been good all along. It looks perfect to me!

  2. To answer your question. Exquisite. I would be so thrilled to achieve that.


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