Friday 24 November 2017

Handiquilter Ruler of the Month -

This ruler for this month is the Line Grid Ruler
Absolutely LOVE this ruler!

Finally the answer to my inability to do a grid just with a ruler. I have tried to do a grid with a straight ruler many times following the markings on the ruler. Without fail my grid ends up visibly inaccurate...just cannot align the ruler properly, it seems. So I was interested in this ruler and whether it would work better for me.

Definitely does!
I managed this simple grid (placed diagonally across) with relative ease and looking at it, it looks accurately spaced at 1/2in intervals and my lines are very straight. This is a bit exciting. While I will still do my larger grids with the stencil I have, for smaller sections this is ideal. The ruler is larger and you have a good grip on it when doing your lines...really like this one. Will try the different angles which are strategically placed across the ruler for ease of alignment next. 



  1. Very interesting. Grids are also a challenge for me, unless I do the traditional marking. Do you think this ruler would work well on a traditional domestic sit down machine? If so, I'll definitely pick one up and give it a try.


    PS - I just received my order of rulers by Gina Perkes, that are on sale at The Quilt Show site. Haven't yet played with them, but I'm looking forward to it.

  2. Oh, that looks really interesting. Is there any video to see how it works?
    Greetings, Rike


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