Thursday 28 December 2017

Handiquilter Ruler of the Month Club - The Mini Oval

This month we got the Mini Oval shape
I like those rulers where you can stitch on the inside and this one in particular sits really nicely in your hand. So I tried a few shapes...beautiful little ruler
Was quite amazed at the different shape I was getting shifting the ruler over a bit using those lines etched on the ruler and all of a sudden getting a pointy leaf shape. This was not obvious to me initially. Really pays to play a bit with the rulers as I discovered with this one.
As I had some time to play a bit during this Christmas break, I did come up with a number of different designs suitable for some small borders or sashings
How useful is this little thing! Using half of the arc gives you 1 1/4in shape. Will be on the lookout for slightly bigger ovals. Had no idea on how useful that simple shape is.

Finished my practice ruler quilt in the last few days. In fact, am spending my time sewing bindings on three different quilts...should have done this ages ago. The quilt turned out great, a bit wobbly in parts as I was learning to use the rulers as well as the machine, but overall I am really happy with my efforts. Have a great selection of weird and wonderful designs on there.
By far my favourite ruler has been the Line Grid ruler
How tidy do those grid lines impressed with that ruler!

There is one more ruler to come which will be a quilting-in-the ditch ruler. At the moment I am using the straight rulers that I have for quilting-in-the-ditch. I really think that quilting-in-the-ditch with the ruler just comes down to practice. Since I got the machine I have done all my ditching with a ruler and feel that it is getting easier...not as clean yet as I can do on my normal sewing machine, but getting there...such a time saver doing it on the Sweet 16 though...definitely prefer it.


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  1. Fun to see what you create with your new rulers. I don't have those, but will have to pick them up at some point. I agree with you about using straight rulers for in the ditch....certainly gets easier as time goes by.



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