Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Patsy Thompson's January 2018 Ruler Work Winter Course

I am catching up with lesson 8 and 9 of Patsy's online Ruler Workshop and have the basic framework stitched out
This is how far I got over the weekend...now it is just a matter of filling this in and finishing off. Lovely design!
Must say that I did not find this easy at all. Had some difficulty putting in the star spikes with a straight ruler as they are quite long and I found it difficult to gauge the tick mark at the other end, so had to re-do some lines before I got it right. Used  the straight skinny ruler from Handiquilter for that which I find quite tricky to use as it is about 10in x 2.5in. Nice length but hard to hold even with three Handigrip strips on there. I think the trick really is to stop and re-position your hands which of course, I did not always do.
The arcs are done with the Pro Echo 12 ruler. Also tricky as the whole ruler does not extend over the whole area so you had to do it in two halves, so to speak. I am glad that Patsy did talk about that in her last lesson as I would not have thought about doing it that way. Worked well after some failed attempts and I got the framework down eventually, looking great.

Bit sad that this little online course is finished but really appreciative of the amount of work that Patsy would have put into its presentation. Like always, learned a lot and am itching to try my own design at some stage soon...so many possibilities, very exciting! Also will be on the lookout for Patsy's second Ruler DVD which should be coming out at some stage in the next few months.


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  1. I'm amazed how much work Patsy must have put in to this FREE virtual workshop. She shared so many tips, tricks & inspiration, as well as thoroughly thought out tutorials. But you, my friend, did an awesome job staying on top and stitching out her exercises. I love what you've created. As soon as I can wrap up a few things, I plan to go back and stitch out these lessons too! Of course, I need to get a few more rulers first, but hopefully this month.


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