Wednesday 13 November 2019

Quiltshopgal's Virtual Fall Craft Fair


I am so pleased to be participating in the Virtual Fall Craft Fair that Quiltshopgal is hosting this week. Check out Quiltshopgal's blog to see the list of crafters who are participating throughout the week. The event is sponsored by a number of businesses and there is a chance to win daily door prizes for visiting the participating vendors.

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A little bit about my journey...I have been quilting since about 2006 and quickly became addicted. As the years passed my second obsession - freemotionquilting took hold and to this day that is what I do 80% of my time. At the same time I did need to produce quilts and so I started to make mainly smaller and baby quilts in order to be able to get back to my freemotionquilting. At the same time I ventured out into pattern writing, around 2010, mainly for publication in the magazines over here. However, in 2013 I set up shop to sell my patterns and that has been quite successful so far.

I love the brain drain of pattern writing. I do not use pattern testers but make the quilts myself to be clear on where people might experience some issues and might need further explanations. So far, this has worked very well. Anyway, coming back to my little virtual booth...

I only recently decided to sell some of my handmade quilts and have added them to my evolving Etsy shop (I swapped to Etsy in late 2018). I have been making baby quilts for some time by now and usually gift them to whoever needs them, but as time has gone by, I actually need to make some room. There is only so many quilts that one can hang on to.

At the moment I have two very sweet quilts for sale

Sweet Baby Boy Quilt
The quilt measures 36.5in x 36.5in and could also be used as a play mat or security blanket. It is made from 100% cotton fabric, quilted in an overall clamshell design and has a light, soft feel to it.

Funky Bird Quilt
This brightly coloured patchwork/applique quilt is 40in x 49.5in. Having robust use and frequent washing in mind, this quilt is heavily quilted - I want my quilts to be pretty but also usable. All fabrics are pre-washed, however I would always recommend a colour catcher in the first wash just to be on the safe side. While firmer in touch due to the quilting, this quilt will soften with use. If you are interested in the process you can read some posts about this quilt under my blog archive from May to June 2019.

Postage for both quilts is free in Australia and indicated in the shop for  the US. Please contact me via email if you would like to find out postage to other destinations.
I will insure the quilts for posting at no additional cost to the customer.

Please also check out my patterns which will be on sale at 10% off for the duration of the Virtual Fall Craft Fair.

If you are unsure about what to expect when buying a pattern, please feel free to download my free baby quilt pattern under the tab 'My Patterns' at the top of the page. This will give you an idea on how I structure my patterns and the diagrams that I include.

Enjoy the event and come back often. I am planning to re-make some of the quilts from my patterns to offer for sale in the beginning of the next year to mid-year.

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