Tuesday 3 November 2020

Progress On House Quilt

Not much happening over here. I have been steadily working away on my Scrappy House quilt. The ditching took a while, but I eventually finished it.

Now I am up to the sashings. Decided to further practice Natalia Bonner's design that she used in the recent 9 patch stitchalong. Struggled a bit with it then and thought this might be a good idea to try this again. Must say this is going much better than when I first did it. Worked out that I either need to stitch away from me or towards me. While I can also stitch it sideways, I discovered that I find it much harder to hit the right spot consistently. Love the way this little design looks in a sashing. Very unassuming.
In the stitchalong we went over the sashing one more time filling in some of the diamonds. For this quilt I will not do this...I think I prefer the simple line design as there is a lot going on on this quilt. I stitched this out in a very pale green Aurifil 40/2 thread and on some of the sashings it blends in and on some it really stands out. Quite like the look of that.
Not sure what I am going to do in the border. Going through a bit of a scallop phase, so I might do that again or something else really simple. This quilt is really quite happy to just have been ditched.

I also need to get going on Natalia Bonner's 'A Year of Stars' Quiltalong. Have pieced 3 of the 12 stars! While not difficult, there is a lot of piecing to do and I do struggle with accuracy. Just not that great at piecing, but hoping that I will get this done before the new year. Might also do another impromptu lap quilt as I still want to run an overall design on the new machine. So much to do!


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  1. Your sashing quilting is terrific! I too like how blocks show it more than other blocks. . .that view makes it more interesting to my eye!


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