Sunday, 7 February 2021

Block #2 of the Year of Stars Quiltalong with Natalia Bonner

Finished the Dandy Star quilting.

Look at that texture, it's really puffing out.
Loved quilting this block and learnt a few things. After many, many years I finally figured out how to echo around star points with a ruler without having to mark the exact spot you need to stop. That was a bit of an eye opener and very helpful. Usually I make a little mark on where to stop however that often is not exact and without fail my next quarter of an inch echo line is either too fat or too skinny because I did not get that exactly right. Annoyed me to no end. I was using my HQ Ditch ruler for this and started experimenting a bit and finally found that I need to stitch about 1in past the star point and then can align my ruler accurately on the next seam to continue with my echo. Worked almost each time and was a great time saver.

I stitched my pebbles in Manual and found a comfortable lower speed to do that. On the Bernina Q20 you can use the back kick function to set it for the machine to keep stitching without having to use the foot pedal. Like a Play button...find that very useful however get somewhat anxious (not sure that's the right word) by that rhythmic continuation of the stitching after a while and do need to pause every now and then. You can pause this with just one back kick and then the machine will wait for you a short moment to gather your thoughts and then you just continue. Must say that that is extremely useful. 

So here is my Dandy Star all dressed up.
Might start on the sashing and maybe the frame for the borders once we have done the next star as there is a fair amount of compaction setting in. Not actually sure yet what we are supposed to be doing with this and will have to have a look on Natalia's YouTube channel.



  1. Your Dandy Star looks fantastic! Great explanation about echoing those star points. This is one of those "surprise" challenges that crops up for quilters as they're first starting to work with rulers, because you don't realize that there's any skill involved with the points until you try it the first time!


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