Wednesday 12 May 2021

New Rulers

Updated my rulers. Easy enough you would think, but not so. I searched a very long time for decent rulers. There is just so much out there and rulers seem to be a very individual thing.

First I invested in a set of Bloc Loc rulers to cut my half square triangles to size with a bit more ease. I always seem to be doing a fair amount of half square triangles, so that seemed a good idea. They arrived a while back and trying them out, I am very impressed. Definitely gives you more accuracy. Then I started searching for just normal rulers...

Not so easy...lots of rulers have thicker lines which I definitely did not want as that means I forget where exactly I aligned my ruler from one minute to the next (I got one of those). Then there are rulers with numbers in thick coloured circles...also did not like that as it detracted from the measurements. Another requirement for me was 1/8in markings all the way through. For some reason I seem to be needing that.

Initially I was going to order overseas but then found an Australian shop at Pauline's Quilters World. Knew of the shop as the lady usually attends the quilt shows...she has a range of sashing tools for Quilt-As-You-Go projects but I had not seen her rulers. Well, she had a video of her rulers on her site as they had just added a range of rulers to their existing products. She highlighted a few things in her video which were just what I was looking for, so I ordered two of her rulers. Was a bit curious for them to arrive...

Here are my new tools...the Blocloc rulers and the two rulers from Pauline's Quilters World.

Bit hard to photograph because of the colour. Definitely does not glow in real life. I bought a 6in x 12in and a 9-1/2in square.

The rulers are a nice thickness (I had looked at our recent quilt show and the few different brands that I saw were definitely thinner) and like Pauline said her rulers have the lines engraved a bit deeper on the back so that they have added grip. In trying them out, I can confirm that they definitely grip better than my other rulers which is a huge plus.

Here is the 9-1/2in  one closer up. Realise not everyone will love all those markings but that is exactly what I was after!
I bought the 9-1/2in one so that I have a larger range to square up differently sized squares. If you look on the diagonal of the ruler you can see that it has extra lines to indicate 1/2in squares all the way down which I find particularly handy. The lines on the ruler are exquisitely thin which is just great. So, no excuse any more not to get my blocks to the right size.

Who would have thought that looking for new tools would become that involved. If you are in Australia and looking for new rulers I can highly recommend these...great rulers, postage was ok (they come from Queensland) and great service...they arrived in a couple of weeks.


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  1. New tools are so invigorating, aren't they? I bought a couple of those Bloc Loc rulers for HSTs as well but haven't tried mine, since I've been focusing in the AccuQuilt contraption for cutting out my last few quilts. That's one downside of die cutting, is that you can't oversize slightly with the die and then fine-tune by trimming to size after sewing. Enjoy your new goodies!


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