Wednesday 8 December 2021

Last Charity Quilt for the Year

I am in finishing mode...

Here is the last of the charity quilts for the Orange Tree Quilters Group.

Beautiful little quilt. Really like the colouring of this one. Decided to do an allover floral design by Christina Maraccini from her book 'Machine Quilting Solutions'.

Not too bad...the design was easy enough to execute, there is a lot of scope to just fill in spaces with either swirls or more leaves. Just had to watch the scale of things a bit and did go a bit more dense in one of the corners but then corrected myself again and continued pretty consistently.

Really suits it, I think.



  1. That quilting pattern really suits that top well! It is a sweet quilt! You are so giving to quilt charity projects.

  2. Super sweet quilt and beautiful quilting too. Whomever is lucky enough to receive this quilt will certainly treasure it for many years to come.


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