Tuesday 21 June 2022

Another Quilted Nursery Panel

Love doing those...

Cute and quick to do. I quilted it with an overall clamshell design which is easy and relaxing to do with the Handiquilter Clamshell ruler. A little bit of care has to be taken to keep it straight but if you go slow and take your time with the alignment it always works out.
This little quilt measures 33.5in x 39.5in, a good size for a 'drag along' quilt or as a floortime play mat. I used a 100% wool batting which gives this a nice plush and soft appearance.

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  1. This is darling, Karin! Do you mark horizontal lines or a grid or anything before quilting clamshells with rulers or just start at the bottom and work your way across and up the quilt? I've got a digital version of this design but haven't tried it yet. Not sure whether it would really be more accurate or faster than the ruler method because of how the rows need to align and touch precisely to look good. Hmmm... Now you're making me want to do two small quilts one after the other with clam shell quilting, one with rulers and one digital, so I can compare! Definitely when you're quilting hand guided with rulers you have control to "fudge" and correct for fabric draw/shifting that happens during quilting.


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