Wednesday 13 July 2022

Finished my Little Woodland Quilt

New listing in my Etsy shop...finally finished this little quilt. The pattern has been hanging around for years and I even saved the woodland print for several years for just this quilt. It is a very traditional design with its two common blocks, however it does come out really nicely once you quilt a bit of a design in the alternate block.

The quilt measures 36-1/4in x 36-1/4in and is an ideal play mat for a baby or toddler.

Here is my photo on the bench
A bit dark, but I had to hurry today with my photography as it is a pretty grey and rainy day. There was only that little bit of bright light right in morning between 10 and 11 o'clock, so I was racing against the time to get all my Etsy shots done.

The motif really makes this little quilt

Used Amanda Murphy's Heart template (3-1/2in) for the motif. Easy as and the hearts came out lovely. Really like the effect of this.

This little quilt went straight into the Etsy shop before I changed my mind. Just have to write up the pattern now which should not take too long. I think I am going to incorporate several sizes in this pattern as this would also make a great lap quilt.


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