Thursday, 22 September 2022

To Do Tuesday 20/9/22

Misleading title as it is Thursday here already. However, I missed last week's Tuesday and do not want to fall off by the wayside again.

On my list the previous Tuesday were these tasks:
📌Make at least one cat block during the week for my Elizabeth Hartman Kitten quilt ✖
📌Make a start on the charity quilts with the aim to get at least one done ✔
📌Make a sleeve for the show quilt 

One out of three...well, we had a family of four staying over for a number of days and afterwards things just got incredibly busy. Also ran the last session of my freemotion-quilting class last Friday, so all in all a very busy week. However, I did make a start on the charity quilts in between and got one done.
Enjoyed that one as the fabric appeared really quite old. Love how you can lift up a quilt like that with some very simple quilting.

Made a start on the second one today and almost done all of the ditching.
Interesting little quilt...the red roses are as red in real life as they appear on the photo. I am thinking feathers for this one in the black squares. Thought that I might practice what I learned in Bethanne Nemesh' Feather Fiesta class, i.e. quilting a feather wreath in the middle and some sort of feather arrangement in the setting triangles. Maybe also a simple feather border in the black sashing to lighten this quilt up a bit. As learned in the class that would be all mainly freehand with minimal marking. While I practiced this earlier in the year, this would be the first time doing that on a 'real' quilt. Normally I would have stencilled the wreath in. Hmm...a bit hesitant, but think that this is the perfect little quilt to practice on. 
Not sure what colour thread to use though. I usually go for high contrast but not everybody likes this. Mind you, if I go through the effort of quilting some feathers I actually prefer to see them. Thinking of a grey thread which will read as very light on this. Decisions, decisions...

On my list for next week:
📌Make a sleeve for the show quilt
📌Finish the feather quilting in the rose quilt above
📌Baste another charity quilt
📌Design a Mini Wholecloth for another workshop or at the very least have started that process (have about 3 weeks to do this).

My cat blocks will have to wait for a moment as there is too much going on, however they will be back on the list next week so that they do not end up on the UFO pile again.

Linking up to Texas Quilt Gal for To Do Tuesday 20/9/22 to  see what other quilters are working on. Always dangerous though as there is so much inspiration out there...



  1. Ah, you have had one of those weeks that reminds you that "life is what happens while you're making other plans!" I think you got a lot done for having had company in your home. YES YES YES to the gray thread for feathers in the black sections of that quilt -- I am dying to see the featherliciousness that you will create using your newly sharpened skills from Bethanne's class!

  2. Wow having a family of four staying with you is a lot! I'm amazed at what you got done. I really like the quilting on that one with the "older fabrics", and I'm looking forward to seeing your feathers, if you decide to use the contrasting thread! :) Thank you for sharing with To Do Tuesday!


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