Friday 26 May 2023

To Do Tuesday #21 (On A Friday!)

Busy over here as usual and I am running behind all sorts of things. However I thought that I will post on my To Do Tuesday list so as to not lose momentum.

My list from two weeks ago was as follows:
- completing the quilt top for the new pattern (fingers crossed, nothing else goes wrong)
- making a start on the new table runner, i.e. minimal marking, probably just with some chalk and trialing a new thread (Robinson-Anton). Planning to have elements in there that will be stitched with variegated thread.
- cut and sew some borders to the panel
- not hopeful but let's put it on...baste a charity quilt.

Well, completed my quilt top for a new pattern. Very cute, 'just' need to do the write up
Then I made a start on the new table runner and actually finished it, except for the binding which I will put on tomorrow.

A truly improvisional little project. While I had my drawn out design, getting this on the actual fabric proofed different. Keeping as close to the measurements as I could, however bending the curves ever so slightly distinct from the picture gave me a few variations. Most notably, my feather section proofed too large to fill with just lines, so I pebbled around that to reduce the space. Will need to change that a bit to make it more stitching-friendly and easier to execute for a class. Apart from that worked out really well and came together quite easily. Lots of options for a class to put their own spin on it or use different designs to fill. I stitched this with Aurifil 50/2 thread on a cotton batting. I think I will repeat this on a light background using wool/poly batting to see what that looks like. Like this, it is truly flat as a pancake. 

Next was the panel...finished this by now just putting some borders on and will complete with an edge-to-edge design to go in my Etsy shop. Love those bright and happy!
After all this I got majorly sidetracked. Bought a slouched knitted hat in one of the galleries out of town.
Really nice little hat and best of all, covers your ears really well. In looking at it, I thought that I should knit my own. I used to be quite a prolific knitter when I was young living in Germany. Obviously in Australia the need for handknitted jumpers that keep you warm is not as great and over the years quilting replaced my hobby. I did knit a fair few jumpers and vests for my children when they were growing up but that eventually stopped. So over the last few days I have been researching these little plenty of wool still lying around and found a number of patterns (feeling a bit rusty to just work it out on my own). Let's see whether I still can get this together.

Also attempted bread-making earlier in the fail as I went with intuition rather than a solid recipe. Bread turned out hard as rock! Will try again over the weekend following a Craftsy class on bread-making, hopefully making a marbled rye bread 😅.

Linking up to To-Do-Tuesday over at Quilt to look at what other people are working on.



  1. I love that bright little quilt panel. It's a neat pattern. The quilt runner is really nice too. Did you use a pantograph to quilt it?

  2. Karin it looks as if you had a week filled with adventures and fun. Even the failures teach us something. I love the quilting on your runner. It should make for a fun class. Panel quilts are fun, fast finished and usually make for a bright, happy quilt I think. Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday. I hope you had a fun filled week and got started on your knitting.


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