Wednesday 19 June 2024

Quilting With Invisafil - To Do Tuesday #78

Last week I planned for:
- to sew up a cover for my label for the wholecloth and also prepare the hanging sleeve✅
- maybe make a start on my next background filler project
- seriously look at a new pattern for my Etsy shop (which I have neglected over the last few months). - Well, I did look at it, but that's about all!

I started on my background filler project with the rather tedious task of quilting in the ditch. As this is an improvisational piece the quilting in the ditch has to be done largely freehand. A definite skill to practice! I am using Invisafil 100wt from Wonderfil Threads for the most invisible stitch in the ditch Using three different colours:
Antique White on the left, Orange (in the background) and Nude on the right (Yep, started another thread collection). I could have used just the nude colour...this would have blended nicely with everything as Invisafil does blend into the colour you are quilting, but given that I had the other colours as well, I used them for the most invisible finish.
Many people find Invisafil fiddly. Must say I don't...I have my tension on the lower end (on the Bernina Q20 on 2.25), use Decobob prewounds (80wt) in the bobbin and go in manual mode rather slowly. Never had any issues with that.
The thread just sinks in and virtually becomes not noticeable. Gives a really nice finish. Also made use of my new foot, the 72 S...a ruler foot with a slit, so you can switch between sewing feet if you need to without cutting your thread. Actually forgot that I got this...I have a couple of straight lines in this piece and only remembered when I was about to change the foot. 

So, I am working away at this, hoping that I can start the freemotionquilting some time next week.

For the remainder of the week I am going to
- finalise my quilt show entry ...only need to put a cover on the label, prepare my bag and that's it!)
- finish the quilting-in-the-ditch on my background filler project
- continue to knit in the evenings ( currently trialing a raglan jumper and also need to make a start on a second sock)
- keep looking at my Etsy shop until the pressure becomes so great that I will actually start on a new pattern.

Linking up to To Do Tuesday #78 over a Quilt Schmilt.

Happy Quilting


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  1. Great tips. I have given up on using various brands of this thread on my domestic, many years ago, but I will try it again, with your tips, when I get my Q24 this Fall. Thank you


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