Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Quilt Along #3

Playing around with the scale of the stippling. My normal quilting is about half an inch apart so I concentrated on the smaller and larger stippling. The smallish stipple was ok. The larger stipple however was not quite that easy...found that I had to really concentrate on stippling larger and then could only produce wiggly lines which lacked considerable variety.

Large stippling worked better for me on an actual block that was bigger where I could make sweeping type movements.

However, I do find that I then get a bit lost at times and can't always see where I am going and how close I am to the line above. 

When I did a workshop on FMQ we were advised to start the stippling from the bottom up so that you could see how far apart from the preceding lines you were. Is there a right way of doing this or is it a matter of personal preference.

Now back to thinking about quilting. Currently in between projects and having a hard time to decide what to do. Too many ideas, not the right fabric and nothing really grabs my attention. This, in itself, is becoming stressful.


  1. Your stippling looks great! I am a pretty much a beginner at FMQ so I can't answer your question. I know that I've been starting in the middle of the quilt and quilting quadrants. Good luck! - Jeanne in IL

  2. Hmmm, starting from the bottom? I had problems seeing where I was going myself. Its worth a shot. I just find it easier to move the fabric down rather than up. And great job on your stippling!

  3. Starting from the bottom is an interesting idea - but as danih03 says, would you be able to see well enough? I'll give it a try! Your stippling is beautiful - lovely shapes.

  4. I find that the more I can see where I am going the better I do. I like to start in the middle of the quilt and work my way down and across. Anyway you do it, you will still have tiny direction changes where you cannot see exactly where you are going, but it seems to work. I'm an amateur and fairly new at this, so don't take my advice to heart! Nice job! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Your stippling looks very nice. I struggle with seeing where I'm going and with the larger scale, too. I can nail many of Leah's designs as long as they are small--small hand movements. When I try to go larger, which is nice for cuddly quilts, the quality goes down hill fast. I guess I need to practice, practice, practice. Great job!

  6. Thanks for your comments. When I started FMQ I nearly gave up. I then proceeded to stipple a large single bed quilt...I figured that was the only way to learn. It took me two months and it was at times very painful but I must say it is true what they say...the design commits itself to memory and from that time I could stipple. My next quilt (of the same size) took me one week to complete.


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