Friday, 27 January 2012

New Project

Having a hard time to decide what to do. So many choices... but never the right fabric. How is this possible?

This is only the really good fabric. Then there are the bigger cut offs, naturally sorted by colour, and then there is the box with the cut offs that accummulate during quilting which I use  to make blocks for a string quilt.

We are moving house in a few weeks, so I don't want to start something too intensive just something that keeps me busy. Last year I won some fabric (courtesy of Leutenegger) in a competition that was run by the Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine. Over 20 fat quarters of country fabric...I love country quilts, so I was over the moon. Very nice fabric from different designers however I have been hesitant to cut into it. Not sure what I am saving it for.

How about this lot?
Gorgeous fabric. The cat fabric is 'Tale of 2Kitties' by Jacqueline Paton for Red Rooster fabrics and the checkered fabric is 'Honeymoon Cottage' by Gloria Parsons for Blue Hill fabrics. The rest I found in my stash and it matches perfectly. Whether I have enough is another question. I am thinking of a baby quilt, something soft and cuddly but not too difficult so that I can put it together relatively quickly. I am planning to use this as a practice piece for my FMQ. As I have stippled two large single bed quilts I am keen to practice new designs.

Found an excellent book at the last Quilt Show I went to: 'Machine Quilting Solutions' by Christine Maraccini. My type of designs -  lots of leafs, spirals and hooks but still easy enough for the beginning free motion quilter. The book is very well structured with easy to follow instructions and illustrations, taking one design and showing a variety of ways that it can be used. Well worth its money. I found a design in there that would be ideal.

The quilt I am thinking of will look something like this and will measure about 30 x 36in.
A bit random, but I quite like it. This should be fun.

What I am seriously working on is a block I have come across on the internet. It is called 'An Arrangement of Small Pieces'. I think its odd name attracted me. It is not particularly special but somehow I got hooked on it and now I am torn whether to make this a scrap type quilt or to produce a two tone quilt. ...
Well, I shall continue to ponder on this...
Until next time...Karin


  1. I like them both but the first one will show off the kitty cats better;)

    1. The second sample is a different quilt. I am going to do the kitty one first and then move on to the next piece which still requires more thought. Incidentally, I did go out on the weekend and bought some new fabric for that second one...American Vintage...that will suit, but there goes my half-hearted thought of not buying any more fabric.

  2. And I feel ya on the so many choices but not enough fabric. I never have enough that goes well together. That's why I like the FQ bundles, but they're so dang expensive!


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