Sunday, 12 February 2012

Baby Quilt Top completed

Completed my baby quilt top. Had to improvise a bit as I did not have enough of the yellow fabric. The quilt is small, measuring 30 x 36 inches. I played with the idea of adding a border but I think I will leave it as the only fabric available would be the tan floral print and somehow that does not work for me. Also undecided about the binding - will use either the tan floral print or use a binding made out of the leftover bitses.

Kool Kats  30 x 36 in
Initially I was going to have this all basted before the big house move, but given that the moving date has been brought forward to the 23rd of this month I will now have to stop to pack up the household. Oh, joy! It will be easier to just fold it and put it in my fabric box and I also don't fancy leaving it pin basted for too long.

Overall, enjoyable little quilt, easy to do, comes together quickly and the best part is yet to come. I am planning on doing an overall FMQ design on it - while the quilt would look good stippled, I am planning to do a different design just to move out of my comfort zone a bit. Maybe something like this?

Design from 'Machine Quilting Solutions' by Christine Maraccini
Need to practise this one a bit more but I think this would look good on it and still give the quilt a soft fluffy feel.


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