Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Progress of baby quilt

Making some progress on my baby quilt.

Enigma Square block
The pattern is based on the Enigma Square block (Nancy Cabot, 1937) and makes quite an interesting pattern when put together. Unfortunately I will not have enough of the yellow print for all of the blocks so I will mix some tan fabric in place of the yellow. Also the green will not stretch the distance so I will vary it with a similar green floral fabric. The whole thing will have a bit of a scrappy look. Just when I had promised myself to only buy small pieces of fabric - I only had about 30 cm of the yellow. I am definitely back to buying a meter at a time. Went to three different shops on the weekend to find that yellow fabric,  but, of course, no luck. This should come together quickly and I will use it to practice my FMQ.

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  1. Awe bummer. When I don't buy enough fabric, it almost always gets discontinued. Sucks! You'd think I would learn to use a quilting calculator! But I almost never think that far ahead. I just buy fabric and then decide on a project. IF you know the name of the fabric, just look it up on the internet. Good luck in your hunt. I'm sure you will find something that will work!


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