Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Quilt Along #16

I was quite happy when Leah Day announced we are having a break during the month of May. Things have been hectic for me at work and most of last week I was sick, so I generally lost a bit of direction.

On the weekend I finally sat down and went through my stash...that was a bit of an overwhelming experience. There are a lot of potential projects in there, one more enticing than the other. While going through I came across a packet of some 20 fat quarters (blenders in all sorts of colours). I got this some years ago when I renewed my subscription to one of the quilting magazines. No idea what I was saving them for. I now decided to use them for the continuation of our Quilt Alongs with Leah Day...initially I thought I would prepare some squares, practice new designs on them and then sew them together using the QAYG method, however I have now decided to actually make a quilt top similar to Leah Day's Batik quilt...mine will just be a smaller version of  blender squares with some sashing and a border, so all I have to do for the Quilt Alongs is to get that out and practice the design on it. While the QAYG method is a good option, knowing myself it will sit there for another couple of years. This way I should have a quilt top finished by the end of the Quilt Alongs.

I have now started my 'An Arrangement of Small Pieces' project. Here are the first three blocks...decided after all to stick to one colour per block.

An Arrangement of Small Pieces

The blocks come together quickly and I will be able to chain-piece 3 - 4 at a time, so this now looks all very manageable and should be reasonably quick (already have another design in mind which I am quite excited about).

Then tried some Zippling...I did not think that I would like the design that much as I have tried something similar before and my brain just could not handle the straight lines. Well, this time it went very smoothly. While I did not have particular shapes in mind, I just zig-zagged along and it turned out quite well and I actually found it easier to interlock than the Sharp Stippling. Fun design to play with.

Until next time



  1. Hi Karin,
    Your quilt blocks look awesome.
    Your Zippling actually came out really nice. I felt the same, I like the more curvy designs than the straight lines. But you never know when this could be nice design for a little boy's quilt

    Happy Quilting!

    1. Yes, thanks...probably came out good because I was not trying very hard to get it right and just was playing around. Would be nice if I could approach an actual quilt like that

  2. Oooooo- you're zippling looks absolutely fabulous!

    1. Thanks for the comment...yes, liked the design but not sure whether I could actually reproduce this on a quilt. Find stippling a bit easier to get around those tricky spots one gets into.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks...yes, the design is quite nice.

  4. They sent you 20 fat quarters for renewing a magazine - sounds like a good deal! Your Arrangement of Small Pieces project looks very nice - and your zippling looks great!

  5. Yes, can't remember the deal, it's a while the moment they are throwing in queen size wadding for a 20 issue subcription. I am a real sucker for this (when in effect, you are partly paying for this). However, the wadding comes all packaged and cleaner to what I buy in the shop.


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