Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Looking at all the other blogs I almost feel a bit slack...not much to show for this week even though I have been consistently working on things. I have spend a considerable amount of time on cutting fabric for my ' Arrangement of Small Pieces Project'...as the name suggests the pieces are rather smallish and I decided to cut them en mass, so that I then can chain-piece units together. I spend about 4 hours cutting last Friday and managed to prepare about 6 blocks ready for sewing. This is not going very fast at all, but accuracy is a must for this block and I just have to keep at it.

My other project for this month is putting together a practice quilt for Leah Day's Quilt Along Wednesdays  . While this may sound a bit crazy I figured that a bit of pain now will make life so much easier later on. By the time we start up again in June I will have 20 square blocks to practice on which theoretically should see me through to the end of the year (give and take a few weeks). This way I can just pull this out for the practice each week and not loose momentum on my other projects,  and it will also give me a visual display of this year's learning.

This is my progress so far. I am very pleased with this as it gives me an excuse to work with almost solid fabric which I love, and it simultaneously tackles the alarming accumulation of fabric in my stash...not that it really made a huge dent but it is a start. The outside border will be dark blue which will be perfect to stitch a fancy border design on once it is all done. So, overall, I am looking forward to this.
Auditioning inner border -had to improvise as I ran out of sashing

Once  this quilt is basted, I will be able to concentrate on finishing my current project and also continue on the list of projects that I have set for myself for this year. This includes the little wholecloth quilt we made in Quilt Along #11 -13...I really would like to make this again.

No doubt I will get side tracked throughout the year... I enrolled in a one off workshop on FMQ with  Australian long arm quilter and artist Kim Bradley in August at my local sewing shop. I am super excited about this as the practice piece that we are going to do looks just gorgeous with a huge feather design with different backgrounds (and stitched with metallic thread)...all very intricate. There might be another quilt in the making.

Anyway, back to work



  1. I know how you feel. You see other blogs, and people are cranking out quilts like crazy! i have to remind myself I have a full time job, a family, errands, cooking, cleaning, blogging, etc. There is much to do in this crazy life, and sewing is just part of it. I wish it could be more...but, there's this thing called life:) Don't worry, you are making great progress!

  2. Thanks for your kind words Danielle. Yes, agree...it's hard to fit everything in. In fact I have not progressed at all much since Monday, everything was just too hectic. Maybe tomorrow...


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