Wednesday 12 December 2012

Quilt Along #43 - Cat Hairball Filler is Quilt Along #43 on Leah Day's Quilt Along Wednesdays. The design for this week is Cat Hairball Filler...had to laugh at the title of this design.

Sorry about the photo...did not have time to do it again...
Possibly one of the easiest designs to do. It is literally just doodling in e's of varying sizes across the area and for once being able to go over all the lines. Speed is of the essence here as Leah had pointed out in her video and she was not wrong. My machine was working overtime to do this design. The thing that I noticed though is that I could only do this design at a particular scale (1inch approximately)...somehow a larger version does not work that well for me.

Unfortunately this is super hard to see...did not think about this when I tried this pattern. Need to invest in some more solid type material.


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  1. I just tried this design out tonight on something very small and I felt like I could do no other speed but FAST either!


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