Monday, 17 December 2012

So Inspired - Part 2

Here it is...finished the quilting.

For the first time ever, went around the whole border with a feather design and connected it up so that the whole thing is one continuous feather design. I am super impressed with this. Was not as hard as I first imagined. First drew myself a line half way along the border all around. I then lightly drew the first few feathers in...and of I went with some trepidation.  Went nice and slow and apart from some little irregularities here and there, it turned out pretty ok. More attention in the corners would have been good but I was just really happy that I made it around the corners in an orderly fashion.

As I had watched Patsy Thompson's video over at SewCalGal's December tutorial, I thought that I give the hyper quilting a go as well. Outlined my motif and put some swirls in there, and then 'in-lined' the feathers around the outer border. This worked really well and also helped with making the feathers appear a bit slimmer because some of them turned out a bit 'fat' for my liking.  It also made the feathers pop out a bit more and given that I used a different colour, it makes the border look more interesting, I think. Love that thread build up (used my favourite again - Aurifil 50/2).

Each side of the border has about 50 individual feather shapes, so I would have done the same shape about 400 times. Absolutely can confirm that continued practice does commit a shape to muscle memory.

I really like how this turned out.  Not quite sure what I am now going to do with this...



  1. I love it, fantastic job! I still have the feather fear and haven't tackled them yet... :D

  2. Give it a does not take that long to get the hang of them. Mind you, they are strangely addictive.

  3. Looks wonderful! What an awesome job! I tried the bonus tutorial by Teri Lucas instead. I was so short on time and this one looked like it needed lots of time. I want to try it on my own when I'm not quite so busy. Maybe you could make a pillow out of it? That's what I was going to try to do.

  4. Thanks. Yes, also thought about a pillow...this was good fun to do. Took about a week of concentrated sewing in the evening but was well worth it..

  5. Wow, Karin! That is beautiful! I was piecing together a square this morning to be at the centre of my December challenge, but I love the look of your wholecloth. I think I'm changing my mind on what I'm going to do! Hope your Christmas is merry!

  6. Thanks Wendy...I had a lot of fun doing this. It just evolved without much thinking and turned out really nice. Could not believe it myself. Have a nice Christmas and a happy new year.


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