Monday, 1 December 2014

Pfaff Quilt expression 4.2: New Open-Toe Freemotion Spring Foot

Where have I been?

In a whole lot of pain...have been doing some re-organization of the house and spent the last three weeks cleaning. The sewing room was, is all that I can say...there was stuff everywhere!
Could not get into anything until I had cleaned up.

Anyway, Pfaff has brought out this new Open-Toe Freemotion Spring foot. Was curious about this and got one on the weekend. I spoke about the different FMQ feet and modes to use in a previous post. Find the link HERE

Curious looking thing
 Easy enough to put on after you take the shank off and the visibility was great all around.

and off I went...this foot is used with the Spring FMQ mode of the machine and an Aurifil 50/2 thread in both the top and the bobbin.

I liked it, however you would be hardpressed to find a difference in stitching. I use the Dynamic 6D foot without a problem, and also my old Springloaded foot (although that has given me some hassles on the new machine). This new foot seems to have ironed out some adjustment issues and performed fine. Now I have to say that I did learn FMQ on a Springloaded foot and I do prefer a Springloaded foot for stitching feathers. I feel that it provides more control when stitching...however this also might be my imagination or simply a comfort thing. As soon as I started off there was that familiar sound and rhythm of the machine. The Dynamic 6D foot feels slightly different and stitching a lot by listening (if that makes sense)  I feel it sounds slightly different. I prefer that foot for faster work.

So while playing around I stitched out the motif of the stencil that I recently bought as I am intending to use it for a Wholecloth quilt (only in my head at the moment). Had some issues with the stencil, i.e. could not work out the stitch path and ended up going over some lines at least three times. Tried to stitch each section following a different path, but reckon I need to study it a bit closer. In the end I thought that it had to be stitched in sections rather than as one continuous line...will need to work on this. Then I started trying different fillers and the end result is really an example of what not to do... I literally stitched my motif away. Probably should be called ...wild and wonderful!

I reckon this motif needs Trapunto and the filled-in areas should probably be in the same colour as the background. I lost the middle somewhat by microstippling it and then having the Pebbles close by

...but gee, I had some fun with this.



  1. I'm sorry, me again! I was interested to find this newer post about a new free-motion foot; after I read about your issues with the 4.2 and FMQ and using the Dynamic 6D foot, I went looking for one online, but the only one I could find claims that it will *not* fit the QE 4.2. Do you happen to know if this new foot is a replacement for an older out-of-production dynamic foot? Thanks in advance! (And sorry for all the questions! I'm very new to this machine and electronic sewing machines in general, there's so much to learn and any advice would be very gratefully received!)

    I rather like "wild and wonderful" - I'd be thrilled if my FMQ looked as good as that, lol!

    1. Heulwen...please see my post above from today (17/12) re answer.


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