Thursday, 20 November 2014

Craft and Quilt Fair

Who said one could not spent the whole day at the annual Craft and Quilt Show?

Fun, fun, and more fun...had a great time, however was absolutely exhausted by 5.30pm.

Here is the quilt that I entered in the show

Looked absolutely fabulous and was a buzz seeing it there. Very glad that I finally managed to follow through with my good intentions, even though this is a fairly ordinary quilt.

Won't be showing any of the quilts on the internet as this would be classed as publishing another quilter's work. The quilts this year were of a really high standard and I did a couple of hours White Glove duty and had a really good chance inspecting them very closely. Really enjoyed this...amazing talent out there.

Then I went shopping...tried restraint this year because I really do not need a lot of things.

However, found (and bought) some Full Line stencils and a blue Pounce Pad for marking designs on light fabric

One of the stencils

Should have probably taken it out of its shiny packet for photographing...anyway, gave it a really good workout. These stencils do not have a true opening so you will need to use chalk powder to use them. The chalk powder goes through the screen mesh as you wipe over them. I put this stencil over a fair amount of fabric and yes, they will get very dusty. You can then just use your iron and the chalk dust will disappear or if you are like me I just rinsed it off. Works very well. The stencil is flexible and feels a bit like can crunch it up, fold it...bit different to what I am used to.
Then got carried away and did some last attempt was a bit woeful, I must say. Have acquired a different water soluble thread since then and tried again. This time used bobbin fill in the bobbin and that worked fine. Also used 2 layers of cotton batting this time to make it worth my while. This turned out much better, almost a bit too puffed up and for me. I reckon Polyester batting would probably have been better for a softer feel. Need much more practice on this but am getting there.

Bought another two stencils, one rope/braid one and a wineglass filler. You can find these stencils at Sewing Buddies Australia. They have a fairly good range and these stencils are not too expensive. Postage should be super cheap as they are light like feathers.

All in all, a very productive day


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  1. Congratulations on your entry. Your Quilt looks great, Nothing ordinary about it . Cheers Pauline


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