Wednesday 28 January 2015

The Coin Purse

This is a pattern for an eeny-weeny coin purse from Studio Mio that my daughter gave me for Christmas.

Now I must say that the instructions are very sparse and uses words I do not even understand. I am a quilter, not a sewer, so reading about darts was like reading another language...had a look on the internet and got the general idea but still could not understand what they wanted me to do.

So we went to the shop where my daughter bought this pattern for some enlightenment. Turns out I was looking at this pattern the wrong way around (haha...too funny!) and the darts actually go on the side. The woman had a sample at the shop to look at which was helpful.

This is the fabric that I used...beautiful Japanese fabric that I have had in my stash for several years.

Well, here we go
Darts on the far, so good

fabric and lining ready to be put together

lining and fabric right side together

From there I only had to sew this together, turn out, and attach the hardware, i.e. the purse frame. Up to this point this was very quick and I was thinking that this would be finished in no time at all. WRONG! Getting the purse frame on was very fiddly and took me the whole evening. Not sure whether I did something wrong but I seemed to have too much fabric to squeeze into that frame and it went something like...managed to squeeze one side in and sort of secure it, then did the other side, by which the first side had fallen out again. In the end I basted sections of it to at least get a start. Lots of patience needed for this one.

However, it got done. I attached the frame with Pearl Cotton. Not sure whether this will hold, but it looks alright.

Here is the end product. Looks somewhat different from the picture on the pattern. They had that nice pleat in there just in the middle. I also did a pleat, however you cannot see it because I had obviously more excess fabric to fit in. Never mind, looks good like this also, I think.

This would make a nice little present.

The completed Coin Purse
Other side

The frame is really nice with some tiny flowers stenciled into the metal

Finished size approx. 4in x 2 3/4in

This was fun...what next?  Maybe a few more?  Just have to buy some more of those frames.
Have been looking around the Internet for some smallish things to make. Really feel in the mood for that...found this excellent little tutorial for a boxy bag over at Kelbysews via  the Fabric Mutt. Might just have to try that.

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  1. So cute! I find some of these small projects take so much longer than you think. I agree about them making great gifts. I bet they get faster after you've made a few.

  2. What a lovely purse, it was well worth the effort. I've been meaning to do a purse for ages but have been a little scared. I will take the plunge soon and hopefully it turns out as good as yours.

  3. That's adorable! Those tiny ones must be tough to work on. Glad the shop was helpful.

  4. I think the way you have pleated the fabric looks much better than the pic! Kits I think are great ideas for doing something different and what a nice gift from your daughter. Problem is I think we are a bit spoilt by the quality of tutorials in blog land so the rather sketchy instructions from a commercial kit can come as a bit of a shock.

  5. I meant of course the pic on the kit not your own pictures which, as ever, are beautiful and show all the detail we love to see!

  6. Very nice purse, fabric & frame are just perfect together.

  7. Oh, that is very cute! :D I've been feeling an urge to make dinky little things like this, too.


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