Wednesday 25 March 2015

Mucking Around

Acquired some new fabric...

Very excited about these solids. Have got a new design in mind and started playing around with the AccuQuilt GO cutter today using the triangles in square 4" die. Bought this a while ago to hopefully make a 54-40 star quilt one day.

Part of the design that I have in my head uses this block.
For those of you who also like the 54-40 block would know that this block uses tricky angles and would probably normally be foundation pieced.
Today I thought that I could use the Accuquilt triangle shape to make this block. I am always looking for easier ways to construct blocks and this seemed somewhat feasible. I thought that given the accurate triangle that the die would cut it would be relatively easy to just align it over a 4 1/2in block and sew it in place. Did all sorts of fancy Maths to work out the exact points they should align. Well, wrong...I think I did about 15 odd block and nearly gave up actually...trying to align them even though they were 100% accurate produced all sorts of variable measurements due to the odd angle and also the bias edge. In the end I was staring at it thinking that there must be an easy way to do this...really do not want to foundation piece this. Anyway, I think this finally worked for me (or maybe it was a fluke), got two chevron units that are accurate...did print out my EQ7 block to actually measure this and yes, they do seem precise.
Also did one of those star point units ...that worked great ...the only thing I had to do was to change my needle a bit over to get a precise seam allowance as those shapes are very accurate (and I am obviously not).

Will play a bit more to see whether I can get some consistent results as I will need a lot of those blocks and they will have to be accurate. Also will have to really have a think through about which of these methods will use more fabric...I might have to bite the bullet and foundation piece those chevron units and use the GO cutter for the star point units only.

 Until next time


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  1. Can't wait to see more! You have a great idea. Keep going!!


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