Saturday 4 April 2015

Boxy Bag

I am on a month leave...yah! You would think that I walk into my sewing room, roaring to complete one of the many WIPs lying around. Have to say when I walked in there the other day, I felt completely overwhelmed...there is stuff everywhere. I think I have got about 3 - 4 WIPs in production at varying stages. So I started with cleaning out my fabric stash...yep, got right to the bottom of the bin, looking through the fabric, re-folding it and wondering more than once why I had purchased particular fabric.

Yes, and you guessed it...started (and completed!) another "on the to-do-list" project. Made one of those boxy bags that I had been collecting instructions for for some time. I went with a tutorial from kelbysews. This boxy bag has exposed seams on the inside and was a bit easier to construct for a newbie.
The instructions were easy to follow with lots of great pictures, so there I was with my Ipad next to me laying out the panels and fabric pieces exactly how she had done it to get a handle on how all of this fitted together. I am particularly spatially challenged and cannot think through how things fit together unless I hold things in my hand and can touch and look at it. At times this was a challenge.
Boxy bag...approx. 4 1/2" x 4" x 8"
As you can see the birds ended up on the side...well, they were supposed to be somewhere in the middle!
Again, struggled with the zipper and actually bought the wrong zipper I think. Mine was an open end zipper...not sure what you use them for, but obviously not for this, as it left a bit of a hole on one side even though I went to some pains to center it appropriately. I think I am doing something wrong with the side is always sewn in beautifully, but the second side has a lot to be desired...spacing is again off, even though I thought I was sewing it down exactly the same way as the first side. However, managed to pull the zipper pull away from under where I was sewing to make things I reckon I am getting there.

Kelby did provide some additional information about interfacing which I skimmed over...I used fusible fleece, however did not do any additional quilting on the bag, which left the whole thing fairly spongy. When I tried to attach the zipper with the lining and the exterior panel with the fusible fleece, my lining started to slip away into the the end I placed some lightweight fusible interfacing on the lining as well which did the trick at keeping it in place.
Lining with exposed seams
The exposed seams worked very well...I used one of my overlock stitches to tidy them up and I must say having them inside the bag is really hardly noticeable, except for the fact that I forgot to change the thread and had sewn my initial seam with dark blue thread (oops!).

Love those little tags on the side
Overall, most rewarding little project...took me just a couple of hours yesterday evening. I have another few tutorials saved with various Boxy Bags tutorials with the inside seams not exposed...not sure whether I will try this as this looks just as good with the exposed seams, I think. The only other thing that I would do different next time is that I would quilt the outside of the bag to make the exterior a bit firmer.

Linking up to the #CreativeGoodness Linky Party over at Darlene's Quiltshopgal to show off my little bag and check out what other quilters are up to.



  1. It's so cute Karin! Sometimes it's the little things that can get us going again. BTW you are not alone in the overwhelmed boat!! Every once in a while I just have to stop and clean up my messes. Why on why don't I just do it after every project :-( Happy Easter.

  2. Same with me, when I walked in my sewing room. I am not very strict for myself. So I like to sew something small when I had to many wip's. Your bag is so funny. Beautiful fabric. Enjoy yor leave.

  3. Beautifl boxy bags. Definitely #CreativeGoodness. I have a small practice quilt sandwich with FMQ that I like (after I cutaway part of the practice piece) and you've inspired me to turn it into a boxy bag. Thanks.


  4. Die Täschen sind doch immer wieder klasse!

    Wünsche dir ein frohes und gesegnetes Osterfest!

    Liebe Grüße Klaudia


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