Tuesday, 7 April 2015

WIP: Stretched Star

This should be titled "Not Impressed".

Had my WIP rolled up for some time by now and then spent an extraordinary amount of time trying to figure out how to quilt this. Initially I was going to quilt a motif in the white squares, however then changed my mind. Actually regretted not having done an overall design on it...I reckon that would have been the best for this quilt.

Now that I was left with the Stitch-in-the ditch quilting and no particularly brilliant ideas, I went for the easy option and just echoed the stars using my sewing foot as a guide after a few initial mishaps.  Probably pays to think this through a bit...I started off with variegated rainbow thread and 1/4in echo...now that looked absolutely horrendous! Why? ...not entirely sure on the thread but the 1/4in echo just highlighted the imperfections in the piecing and it appeared as if I could not sew a straight line at all. Actually started to doubt my piecing abilities...changed to white thread after a lot of unpicking.

So, here it is...not impressed at all, but it will have to do.

I have got some pulling of the fabric going on in parts and just realised that I have sewn at least 3 lines on the wrong side of the star, so will have some unpicking to do later. After this I am done with it...got a nice striped binding for this quilt, so hopefully that will lift it up a bit.

Definitely overall design next time.



  1. From here the quilt looks just fine. The quilting lines look straight, and I love how the quilting enhances the diamond shape. I think we are often so close to our own work that the minor issues seem far more significant to us than they do to anyone else. That said I have just started working on an old WIP that has me wondering, "What was I thinking?!", and intend to un-stitch the little bit of piecing I accomplished today, so I think I understand how you feel! I am on wordpress, btw and as it does not play well with blogger, I may show up as a no-reply blogger. You can email me at phoenix6822 at gmail.

  2. I think it looks wonderful from where I am sitting! We are our own worse critics. I could see it with an all over design just as well as what you did, just a different effect.

  3. When I look at blogs, just like a child, I look at the pictures first and I was immediately struck by how the quilting was so effective with this pattern. So I was a bit bemused to hear your doubts. Karin I think you are a swirly, curly quilter of great precision and skill so maybe this doesn't fit your style. But I agree with the others we are too critical of ourselves and boy do we sometimes agonise over our craft!!


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