Tuesday 7 July 2015

Very slow progress

Still on my WIP: Field Guide Quilt...this is not going to be finished in a hurry as I have chosen to do simple lines in the cross shapes.
Actually quite funny...while doing my FMQ on my pillow for the 2015 FMQ challenge, I strained my eyes severely with all that detailed echo quilting and one of my blood vessels burst in one eye. No big drama even though it always looks quite dramatic, however had to give my eyes a bit of a rest. So, I am going a bit slowly on this and also investigating options.
Had a look around for magnifying glasses that you can attach to the machine, but am not sure. The optometrist suggested getting single focus glasses (with a very short range for really small reading) just for sewing...not sure, the problem does not seem to be that I cannot see, but rather that I am not blinking enough, hence straining the hell out of the eyes. After a while then after getting sore eyes I usually take my glasses off to see better...definitely a no, no as I have found out the hard way.

Also received my Titanium needles and gave them a try. As you can see they come with the gold coating. Don't know whether this is just a visual thing, but the 80/12 needle appears massive. Anyway, starting quilting with one of them and broke it in the first few minutes, as the thread had hung itself up on something. Very funny, I thought. I quilted with the 80/12 for a while, but then switched to the 70/10 Titanium needle as I am more used to that one in size. Can't say that I noticed a lot of difference, however, obviously these will last longer (unless, of course, you break them like I did).

Enough rambling from me for today...really should not be looking at the computer screen too much either.

Will get started on my next pillow soon...


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  1. Sorry to hear about your eye. I suppose it's the payback for that wonderful detail you put into your quilting. You get so much into the zone you just want to keep going. My optometrist says there is an epidemic in not blinking enough! So hard to slow down when you are enjoying something. The quilt is coming along well and I loved the latest silk pillow.


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