Monday, 20 July 2015

FMQ with the Open Toe Freemotion Spring foot on Pfaff QE 4.2

Busy at work on my next pillow for the 2015 FMQ Challenge hosted by Quiltshopgal. In fact, doing the pillows takes up most of my time. Took the opportunity this month to give the Open Toe Freemotion Spring foot a bit of a workout.

Have not played around that much with it...usually use the Dynamic 6D foot in the Dynamic FMQ mode. No particular reason other than laziness as you do have to dismantle the shank for the Open Toe Freemotion Spring foot. The taking off of the shank is no big deal however when I am swapping and changing between FMQ and piecing I got into the habit of just attaching the Dynamic 6D foot.

This foot of course has nice visibility with the shank being off  (which you can also achieve with the modified ankle on the other foot...see my post about this HERE) and was nice to stitch with, although I feel that it is a tad more temperamental with its wide opening. My settings were:

Spring foot freemotion mode
Needle: 70/10 with Aurifil 50/2 thread
Tension: 3.4  (this varied a bit over the last few days...I swear that the cold is affecting the tension)
Straight stitch needle plate

On the whole it behaved itself and I had only a few skipped stitches which I was relieved about. I think when I first tried it, I had more trouble with that given the opening. In terms of stitching, I would be lying if I said I saw or felt a difference to the other foot (Dynamic 6D). Each stitches equally well. My sense is that the Open Toe Freemotion Spring foot is best suited to slower designs... mind you, I have not tried it on a faster design like swirls where you constantly change the speed of your stitching. Something to try out.

Until next time



  1. Your quilting looks wonderful from what I can see. I try not to change feet. Too lazy. But when I do, so glad I did! I think this foot worked out great for you!!

  2. Happy to find information on someone using a spring free motion foot on the Pfaff QE 4.2 machine. I am having terrible problems with free motion on this machine I purchased in April. Can you give me an idea of what the spring foot costs? The closest dealer for Pfaff is a 4 hour drive from me, and I will likely get there sometime in the next few weeks. Thanks for your post.

    1. are a no reply blogger. Could you provide an email to contact? Easier to discuss over email. I think the spring foot cost around $A40.


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