Monday 3 August 2015

Scrap Happy

I should be working on my WIP: A Field Guide, however felt like doing something else. So I started this
I had these Robert Kaufman fabric stacks which I cut to size some time back. However, horror upon horror, I actually mis-cut them and made them 1/2in too small for the design that I had in mind at the time. Since then they have been lying around on the to it the other day and designed a slightly different set up that would use them up. I am thinking of putting the beige background behind it and then using it as a FMQ practice quilt. Already have a FMQ design in mind which will also go into the border which will be the same fabric as the dark accent colour. You can't see it properly in here, but the dark accent colour is a gorgeous dark brown Jinny Beyer print...

So, that sorted out, I started a second project...why stop at one, when you can do two at the same time on top of all the WIPs lying around. Finally...a 'Thousand Pyramids' scrap quilt
Went through my scrap boxes the other day which are literally overflowing and went to work on cutting some of them up with the Accuquilt Go Cutter using the 4 1/2in Equilateral Triangle. Bought this die last year and this is the first time I am using it. How crazy!
Cut through the stash in no time and settled down chain-piecing the units...absolutely love doing this. Very relaxing and quick to do. I am not going to stress about size as yet and will see where this takes me. Always wanted to make a scrap version of the Thousand Pyramids quilt...this should be good fun.

Feeling very enthused about it all.

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  1. It is looking great so far. Having that cutter will certainly make cutting all those triangles so much easier! Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  2. Your 1000 Pyramids look like 1000 Happy Pyramids!

  3. I found you via Oh Scrap and I love what you are doing, especially with those pyramids!

  4. Love your pyramids... lots of scrappy colour here!


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