Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Total Lack of Self-Control

I am working on my scrap would not believe it but I made another mistake and mis-cut my beige background fabric for my FMQ practice piece. I am beginning to think that that one is jinxed.

So, off I went to the the quilt shop where I had originally bought the fabric. To my surprise the shop is closing down and everything was 20% off...did not find my fabric but this is what I walked out with:
20, 10in squares of gorgeous fabric


Justification: I have had a very challenging day!

Cost: 20% off

Project: To be decided

Time: only have 5 other WIPs in production (and a few others we don't speak about)

Need: yes, absolutely!

I have been seeing a lot of hexagon goodness on Instagram lately, however rather than do one of those tiny hexagon projects I again went for the 2in hexagons. I really enjoyed that size last winter. The fabric above will give me 80 hexagons and the rest I will source from my stash. Should have actually started this at the beginning of sewing room is a tad cold as it has been absolutely freezing here in Australia, so I am a bit limited in how much time I can spent in there in the evening. A hand sewing project at the kitchen table is much more appealing.

Apart from this, I am working on my Thousand Pyramid quilt and also will have to start the monthly pillow for the 2015 FMQ Challenge over at Quiltshopgal...determined to see that through to the end of the year.



  1. I think you should be able to buy fabric whenever you like! No need to justify! I think we all understand!!

  2. Mmmmm! 20% off, might need to go support this shop before it closes its doors forever. Which shop was it please Karin??
    Love the fabrics you found, I am making 1 inch hexies at the moment and I love them, perfect size for fussy cutting. Looking forward to seeing what you create with your fabrics and hexies!


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