Thursday 30 June 2016

Quiltshopgal's Ultimate Quilting Challenge 2016

Have you got Cindy Needham's Ultimate Stencil Collection?

If yes, consider participating in Quiltshopgal's Ultimate Quilting Challenge 2016. You can find the schedule HERE.

There is still some time left for the next Linky Party. If you cannot manage an entire project maybe consider participating in the Doodle/Sketch Linky Party that will kick off on July 15th.

All you need is a drawing that uses one of Cindy Needham's Ultimate Stencils.

I am currently working on a Mandala design that I have drawn up on the Ultimate Circle Stencil

I am hoping that I will have that finished in time for the last Link Up on August 15th! We shall see...

While my Mandala above is a bit more involved it truly does not take that long to draw a design using those stencils. Would be nice to see what people come up with and to support our fellow bloggers who keep on putting up those fun events.



  1. Thanks for the great shout out for the Ultimate Quilting Challenge. Beautiful Mandala design that I look forward to seeing it quilted out. Don't forget that while the last challenge kicks off August 15th with a linky party, that linky is open for entries thru September 15th. (no pressure)


  2. I wish I had bought these stencils. I have seen them but always put it off. Might buy them but doubt I'll be able to enter. I'm too slow!


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