Thursday, 1 September 2016

Great class with Bethanne Nemesh

I did a lovely class with Bethanne Nemesh at the Australian Machine Quilting Festival called 'Feather Faster'.
This was 'only' a drawing class demonstrating the no backtracking, no marking, fast way of creating beautiful feathers for your quilt.
Some of my drawings
I stitched this out when I came home in the evening which was really fun to do.

Particularly liked the lacy feather above...this was almost like stitching against your grain, after having learned to backtrack neatly and obsessively on your stitched line, you just stitch over your previous stitching...felt really weird, but to my surprise I really liked that look.

Bethanne spent a bit of time talking about the various ways of drawing/stitching feathers and I did pick up a few tips on how to prevent certain pitfalls like the feathers almost falling over or coming too close to the spine...very helpful. She is a really great teacher and spent a bit of time paying attention to individual quilters in the class who had particular questions or just struggled with the drawings and there was a lot of information packed into this 2 hr class. Highly recommended!
We also got a pattern for a little wall hanging that will showcase the different feathers...I think I will do this next to have a sample of all the different ideas to put up on the wall in my sewing room.

As for my other quilts, particularly with the approaching FAL2016...I think for this quarter I have failed miserably...only finished one project!



  1. Beautiful Karin. I'm impressed you had the energy to stitch out after your class, but I think it probably helps to get what you learn embedded in your muscle memory. And, I certainly enjoyed seeing your sketches as well as your stitch outs. All beautiful and inspirational.


  2. Beautiful feathers, I'm most impressed - something I've always wanted to do. But I struggle a bit with FMG - guess the smart thing to do would be for me to take a class too.

  3. Love your feather work Karin. I love Bethanne's work and her teaching. I have her books as well as her iQuilt class. I'm impressed you had the energy to quilt when you got home but sometimes it's better when fresh in your mind. I'm hoping to attend the next AMQ.

  4. I like all the designs and giving you more ideas to draw down on (ouch pun!) is always good. It's interesting how your quilt journey has taken you into creating your own quilting designs with such enthusiasm and skill. It's interesting that two of the top award winning quilts in this year's key Festival of quilts here in the UK were whole cloth quilts with amazing quilting. You are obviously on trend!!!


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