Friday, 21 October 2016

Another win!

This has been my year for wins...cannot believe it.

I won another Aurifil thread box...YES!!!

Feeling very lucky indeed. I won this thread collection through The Ultimate Quilt Challenge run by Quiltshopgal through the summer of 2016.

Thank you so much Quiltshopgal and a big thank you also to Aurifil for their amazing generosity.

This thread collection is from April Rhodes and called Sewn Desert
For some reason I thought I was getting a box with a few Aurifloss spools in there (I think that was another prize)...I was over the moon, as this is a split box of half 50wt and half 40wt. GREAT! LOVE IT! So handy.

My love affair with Aurifil started about 4 years ago...I bought a small pack of orange colours for one of my table runners as one of the colours matched the sashing of that table runner really well. This was also the time I seriously got into FMQ and I discovered the beauty of this thread. I have not used any other threads for my FMQ since then and will not change that (apart from specific purposes obviously). I can honestly say that the thread just works for me and my machine...I never have thread breakages or any other thread related issues...its beautiful to work with (hardly any lint)  and given the size of the spools it lasts for a very long time. As the thread is harder to come by over here, I did not use it much for piecing, but mainly for FMQ. On occasions though I have used it for piecing when I needed my seam allowances to lie flatter and to be more accurate. Now that I have have more of the thread I might start using it more for piecing as well. In the early days I invested in two thread collection by Sheena Norquay and the Essential Collection by Mark Lipinsky...that has kept me going all these years. Beautiful colours.

You would think that I don't need to buy any more thread...wrong, the range of colours is amazing and without fail, I run out of a particular colour or stock up on my favourite beige colour.

If you never tried this thread, I can highly recommend it, particularly for will not want to go back to another I sound like a commercial! I was reading today somewhere people discussing different types of thread and whether one should invest in higher quality that discussion people seemed to think that less expensive options did the job just as well. This might be so, although I somewhat doubt this, and when spending some 5 months or so on a quilt, I do want to finish it off with some high quality thread...I just think the effort deserves it.  Over time I have come to see the value of good quality fabric and thread.

So, off to using some of this beautiful thread to finish some projects!



  1. Super !!! Meinen Glückwunsch zu Deinem Gewinn. Aurifil ist wirklich ein tolles Garn.
    Liebe Grüße
    Jeannette aus Bremen

  2. Wow! Das ist mal ein schöner Gewinn! Ich habe bis jetzt "nur" kleine Boxen gewonnen. ;) Viel Spaß beim Vernähen.
    LG, Rike

  3. That is certainly a yummy Aurifil thread box. Glad to hear you like it. Enjoy.


  4. CONGRATS!!!!! I've heard nothing but great things about this thread but havent used it yet! ENJOY!!

  5. Congratulations. What a fantastic win. Just love those amazing colours. Aurifil is hard to come by on this side of the ditch as well and very expensive when you find it.

  6. Congratulations. What a fantastic win. Just love those amazing colours. Aurifil is hard to come by on this side of the ditch as well and very expensive when you find it.

  7. The win couldn't go to a more deserving quilter! And one can be very very sure that box and those spools won't be gathering dust!!
    When I started out quilting I went to our LQS and just asked what do I need. The asst was an aurifil fan and so that's all I've used other than when I couldn't find an aurifil thread to match. And there lies the rub like you in Australia aurifil isn't easy to find other than the usual neutral colours. Only at the shows really do you get to see the full range and I've have had poor success at trying to match colours by on line ordering. But it's my favourite - sadly I do get occasional thread breakages but I think we can agree this is the operator's fault not the machine/thread....

  8. Oh well done, I am so happy for you. I use Aurifil, mostly 40 for quilting and piecing, then my rubbish quilting is disguised. I do have a spool of 50 though, just building up the courage to use it. Your quilting gives me something to aspire to, it's always wonderful.


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